She Has No Idea

I think the hardest part about Brynna's surgeries is the fact that we can't explain to her what is about to happen, why and what is going on afterwards.  She will have no idea why she woke up happy, went back to sleep then woke up again feeling like a horse trampled her face and kicked her in the hip.  She will have no idea why she can't eat a French fry for three months, but she will certainly be angry about that.  She will have no idea that this is for her good, for her health and that it is really hard for us.While this is the hard part for us, it may be a blessing for her. You see, she will have no idea of what it means to have days of dread and fear.  She knows something is going on, but she won't lay awake at night and wonder needlessly about how it will be.  She will wake up unhappy and in pain, but every day will be better and every day will bring her that much closer to her beloved French fries.

The happy juice is almost here. Here we go again.  She has no idea.