God is Unbelievable!!

Yesterday I posted my annual birthday post for Brynna and talked about how we wanted to get her a bike I could push her in because she loves to be outside, but is really limited in what she can do. Though it wasn't my intent to figure out how to actually get the bike just yet, just sharing an amazing looking product we had found, God had other plans. Several people had commented they were praying about it and hoped that God would grant this for Brynna. Well, for those of you who were praying, I'll make sure you get on my prayer chain because your prayers were effective. Yesterday an anonymous donor took care of the cost of the bike and we should be able to have it by the time school is out or shortly thereafter. We are so excited and blessed beyond measure.

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God doesn't always answer our prayers in this manner. Sometimes He beckons us to simply hang on to the mast of the ship as the storm rolls through, or says "be patient" when we lay a desire out before Him. Then, then there are those times when He flexes His muscles of Goodness and does the miraculous. This is just one reminder that meeting our needs, and sometimes granting the desires of our hearts, is just something within His nature to do. Don't forget, one time when He and the disciples need to pay taxes, they found money in the mouth of a fish. Making stuff happen in this earthly realm is no hill for a stepper like our Savior.

Tammy and I are so grateful for the unmerited favor of God and the undeserving grace He shows us daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you whoever you are for blessing our baby girl in such a generous way. We will post some videos when we go on our first ride. She's gonna have a BALL!!!