I Wonder What Foster Children Think at Church?

About a week after K. came to live with us, we noticed something; he LOVED to go to church. He asks us almost daily, “Do we go to church damarrow?” When we say “yes” gets really excited, his countenance aflame with joy. We found him a small Bible to carry, and he carries it proudly every service. It is really sweet to see. Though he doesn’t yet understand many of the words, he still wants me to read from it each night after we read something on his level.

During worship, he likes to stand next to me and often asks for me to hold him as we sing. He nuzzles his face in my neck and listens, but a week ago was a little different.

As I held him in my arms he leaned back, looked at me, pursed his lips in a wide smile and looked around; back and forth, side to side. It was like he was systematically taking in the whole scene and processing it. His face glowed with contentment and joy. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind, so, I asked.

He didn’t answer with words. He just smiled and continued to survey the darkened room. Later that day I pondered the moment. I wish I could tell what goes through a child’s mind as they experience this very new world around them. I long for a window into that spongy little brain soaking up everything around it; are we doing a good job? Are we making an impact? Do they feel loved?

We may never know for sure, but I know this: this day he was calm, content, smiling ear to ear, and he was having a blast at church. My prayer and hope is for this joy, this wonder, to never fade. May fellowship with the saints and the worship of Christ always bring him fountains of joy and contentment. May it be for us all.