The Future of the SBC and JD Greear

I'm not gonna lie, I've just about had it. At least that's where I was yesterday, and for most of today to be honest. I'd pretty much had my fill of the way the SBC leadership and the leadership of the SBTC had behaved in the recent past and was, and maybe still am, calling for a possible exodus of churches if they can't get their act together. Frankly, I think the current leadership totally botched the Dr. Patterson issue. That's just my opinion, but I'm not alone.

I guess my problem is I've seen too much. I've seen the leadership of the Good ole Boys network in action, personally in my church, and corporately in the national scene. I've seen the principles of our beliefs set aside for agendas, career advancement, and the good name of the convention. However, the last time I checked, our call was to the church, not to any convention in particular. I'm a purist in this, so if we didn't have a convention, it wouldn't impact me all that much honestly, but this isn't about me. 

It would greatly impact missionaries and countless other ministries out there who rely on them and expect a moral compass to guide the organization. That's where I've jumped ship. The ship no longer seems to have the guts to hold itself accountable in any real and lasting way. Just today I was saying, "I'm done. We need out."

Then, a friend shared an article with me showing the video of JD Greear calling the SBC to repentance. You can watch it here. This was a sobering video and message. Today I was prepared and ready to jettison the whole thing until I watched Bro. Greear call me to repentance for a spirit of division. No, he wasn't talking to me directly, but that doesn't mean it didn't apply.

For over 2 decades I have pounded the drum that you don't walk out on your family, meaning the church, when times get hard, or even when they walk out on you. Our commitment and covenant is our bond. I've never extended this to the convention. It is a man-made institution and different than the church, for sure, but I'm no longer certain it doesn't deserve the same consideration. Instead of being so fed up that we leave, what if we were so fed up we passionately and lovingly held ourselves and our leadership accountable through prayer and transparency. If we are fed up with the direction we must be the ones to change it. 

If the likes of JD Greear can be brought into leadership of the SBC, not only am I in, but I'm ALL in. His message about accountability, transparency, the treatment of women, and everything he shared is on point. Shame on me for taking a road paved in self-righteousness and unwilling to shoulder some of the load of correction to right the ship. 

This isn't to say the day will not come that we realize the ship must be abandoned. That will depend on the stances the leadership takes and the direction of the denominational culture. Today JD Greear gave me hope. Hope I should have had in Christ all along. So, for now, instead of saying, "Let it fall" I want to say, "let's see if it can fly!" I still maintain this is a crucial time for the SBC. If it, as an organization, can learn from this, repent, and seek the Lord, then we can move on. If not, we are in a fragile and sad place which will cause us to evaluate our affiliation with it. I pray this is not the case.

Spend some time praying for the SBC leadership this week. They need it. We need it. The lost of this world need it.