Brynna Reminds Me Every Day Jesus is in the Little Things

When Brynna was born there were so many things they told us she couldn’t do, would never do. In fact, we’ve sort of resigned ourselves to the fact that some of them are just the way things are. One of those was her ability to feel and communicate hunger. To that end, she has always been fed with a tube and on a schedule.

Well, today when they came home from a doctor visit, Tammy and her nurse told me the sweetest story. Since it was doctor day, her schedule was a little fouled up and her feeding time wasn’t quite normal. This obviously wasn’t to Brynna’s liking as she reached into her bag and began to pull out her feeding supplies and hand them to her nurse. I guess she was feeling a bit peckish!

To you this is probably no big deal, but to me, it is the best thing ever! I teared up a little when they told me. I’ll bet we are the only family you know that cheered today because their eleven year old asked for a snack! One more thing to add to the list of things she “can’t do” that she seems to find a way to make happen. Well, to be truthful, she doesn’t find a way, God makes a way. It’s what He does.

What really fuels my emotion, though, isn’t just another milestone that most of us passed long ago in our child’s early years. It isn’t even the simple cuteness of her asking for lunch in her own special way. That’s all great, but what really gets me is how gracious God is to us and her in the little things.

Everyone seems to be looking for some big "breakthrough” or colossal miraculous moment and so much of the time God simply whispers His sweet love to us in the little things He hands us every day.

For some it may be a special sunrise, a note from a teacher, or even the last breath of a loved one whose suffering is finally over. For us, to see our eleven year old non-verbal gift from God tell us she was hungry is a splendor beyond rubies, a reminder He is still at work. He is eternally good.