I Forget She's Fragile

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Every family has dinner conversation. How was your day? What did you learn in school today? You know, common fair.

Tonight was different. I had just arrived from the little one’s basketball practice. I thought it strange they hadn’t eaten yet. Honestly, I was flattered they waited. But they hadn’t waited for me. They had been busy and were running behind.

My wife informed me she had been busy with Brynna, who had thrown up before I left due to copious amounts of drainage. She was now running fever. That information took the table talk in a different direction.

We discussed medicine stress dose levels, oxygen saturation, and whether or not we had enough gas to get to the hospital. I actually went outside to check the gas in the car. Just in case.

Not your usual table talk.

Sometimes I forget how fragile she actually can be; how quickly she can turn from doing just fine to a care-flight ride.

Right now she is sleeping peacefully. Her fever is down and oxygen level is good. We pillow our heads tonight knowing God is good, He is sovereign, and we can trust Him. We pray hard for her healing and restoration.

We may forget she is fragile, but we remember He is faithful.