Make-A-Wish Foundation: Making the Impossible Possible Day 1

Sometime last year I wrote a letter to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in hopes they would help us fund getting Brynna a Duet-Bike from Frank Mobility. However, before we could even process with Make-A-Wish, some sweet saints donated the bike! It was at that time I completely forgot about the Make-A-Wish request.


It wasn’t until several months later I received a phone call alerting us to the fact that Brynna had indeed been granted a Wish!! We were so excited.

Since a trip to Disney didn’t really fit for us due to Brynna’s aversion to crowds and noisy places, we opted for a more long-term option. Immediately the Make-A-Wish folks went to work planning our Wish.

Yesterday was Day One of construction on Brynna’s new school/therapy room and we couldn’t be happier.

For kids with developmental delays and especially those with autism, like Brynna, it can be very difficult to both relax and work doing therapy and learning in the same space. This new space will serve as the latter for her as we continue to work towards teaching her the necessary life skills she will need as she grows older.

Amazingly, they will finish this project this week, with a full and final reveal this coming Sunday evening! This little building will be stocked full of educational toys and instructional aids picked especially for her. It’s climate controlled interior a designated “work space” separate from her relaxation zone in the house.

We can’t wait till Sunday to see what it will finally look like!

A HUGE thank you to the volunteers, donors, and Wish Makers at the Make-A-Wish Foundation for making the Impossible Possible.