Time's Up ...

I’ve written several times so far about this day. As the saying goes, time truly waits for no man. Except Joshua. Joshua stopped time once, but I’m no Joshua.

I have reflected over the past month or so on all the things I’ll miss and all the struggles I have been having with my daughter’s wedding. I’m an emotional dude as it is, and she has a tight grip on the inner recesses of my soul.

But time’s up. Today is the day.

When God made Eve and closed Adam’s side, He took Eve to the Garden and gave her to Adam. He was the first Father to give away His baby girl for another to cherish.

Today, it’s my turn.

As a daddy of a little girl, I’m sure today will be the most emotional day I’ve had in a while. I’m sure I’ll cry, but not for sadness. I’ll cry from overwhelming joy, pride, and happiness.

You see, God got to make Adam. He knew who He was giving Eve to. He also got to make Eve and He knew well who He was giving to Adam. Our role is a bit different. Fathers of the bride don’t get to ‘make’ the young men to whom they will give their daughters. But we do get to influence our little girls, and we know who we are giving away.

Though I did not ‘make’ the man who will give my girl his name today, I couldn’t have asked for a better choice. My heart will be full to overflowing in a short while, and it will likely run out my eyes. Mostly because I know his heart is true and kind. Because he loves her almost as much as I do and even that will grow with time.

Because I know she is devoted to him and will give herself to him completely. My heart is full today because theirs are, too.

What a joy and privilege to watch a young family begin; even more to be a part of shaping what that family will look like. Today is a great day.

Yep, time’s up.

My time as #1 has passed and I can’t wait to see where God leads on this magnificent journey.

Issac and Erika … I love you both very much.