The Blessing of Brokenness

Just over 12 years ago we were incredibly blessed with being allowed to parent a child with special needs.

In this time we have been amazed at the impact she has had not only on our lives, but the lives of so many others.


A Broken Heart

Just to give an example, our church started a Special Needs service to give our kiddos a place and a voice in the worship context. During our music time, they join us in the main worship area. If you know Brynna at all, you know she loves to be where the action is and let’s just say she is an “active” part of the worship experience.

Every Sunday their group sits in the same place in the back of the sanctuary and have been making friends with their pew neighbors. Near them there sits a fellow, a widower. Most Sundays his face shows the weight of his loss and smiles are few and far between.

This past week, Brynna decided he would sit next to her during the singing! He gladly obliged.

During worship Brynna likes to jump up and down, clap, wail, laugh, and sing in her own way. She also likes those around her to mimic any movements she makes. Sometimes folks play along.

This day, our solemn friend matched her motions move for move. She laughed, he laughed and then it was his turn! He got her to mirror his every move as they worshiped the Lord together.

Here I am often worried her wails and behavior will distract and bother and the Lord used those very “distractions” to engage the sweet heart of a sweet man who had lost so much.

Then, this weekend, we got word of yet another long-distance reach by our sweet gal. This time internationally!


A Small Boy

Several weeks ago we received a call-out on social media for help with a need for a small boy in rural Mexico. As it turns out, his legs don’t quite work like the rest of us. To make matters worse, he doesn’t have a wheelchair and children can be cruel to a young boy who has to ride around in a stroller designed for babies.

When I saw the post on Facebook, I remembered we still had Brynna’s wheelchair she had outgrown years earlier. I sent a message, fished it out, and off to Mexico it went.

Yesterday I received the pictures and video of Jose trying out his new wheelchair for the very first time. Though the audio wasn’t too great, the smile on his face as he was able for maybe the first time, to be responsible for his own locomotion said all that needed saying.

Could God have used anyone to provide the chair for Jose? Sure He could, but the fact is He chose to use Brynna to once again share her life and touch another as a result of her special needs.

What the world sees as broken, He sees as whole. We see weakness where He sees opportunity to flex His strength and make us complete.

What a blessing for Brynna to be used to touch so many lives.