Our Vision

To bring glory to the Father by encouraging and equipping every church in America to implement a comprehensive disciple making culture as they raise up disciples of Jesus willing to


Our Mission

  • To develop and provide disciple making material and processes for individuals, small groups, and churches through customized print and electronic media.

  • To provide duplicable training in the implementation of disciple making initiatives.

  • To encourage and inspire the church to see every aspect of life as part of their spiritual formation through transparent and vulnerable testimony and teaching.

  • To produce and distribute Christ-exalting publications and resources.

The Need

In 2 Peter 3:18, Peter encourages all believers to “... grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Paul told the Roman Christians in Romans 8:29, that it was the intent of the Father for us to be transformed into the image of His Son. After becoming followers of Jesus, it is vital for us to seek to know more of Him, to learn of His ways, to reflect the image of Christ.

Every believer is charged with this task; young, old, new and seasoned. It is the basis of our life with Jesus. At The Crucible's Fire we seek to be continually transformed into the image of Jesus in all we do. It is the chief responsibility of the believer to Know Him and make Him known.

The Vision

Our vision for discipleship is no more and no less than the example Jesus and the early church fathers left for us. Jesus spent His days first building relationships and then teaching truths of the Kingdom. At The Crucible's Fire, we share His vision that all would be saved and come to repentance before a holy and righteous Father.

Discipleship is not a program, it is a lifestyle of intentionality bringing us closer and closer to reflecting the image of Jesus in every aspect of our lives. Our vision is that every believer would walk intentionally in a discipleship relationship with a mentor, providing accountability and continued growth as we learn of the Master in all we do.

The Path

As we help teach and train disciples, we wanted to develop a set of tools which could be easily implemented and duplicated to assist new and experienced disciples alike in become devoted followers of Jesus. The general plan consists of three levels.

Level 1: Basic Discipleship

The basic level is truly for all believers. It provides a foundation and framework for followers of Jesus to grow and prosper on their journey of transformation. It consists of five books designed to walk the believer from budding faith to multiplying disciples. We want to provide easy to use tools for mentors and disciples to begin today on their intentional journey with Jesus. 

Step 1: Fill out the appropriate form. There is one for Mentors and one for Disciples.  Someone from the church should then be in contact with the individual to ensure they are paired up properly to ensure the relationship of building disciples begins well. Contact us for help building Google Forms to automate this process.

Step 2: Once they have been paired with a disciplemaker or disciple, each is provided with a Starter Pack explaining the path to discipleship, accountability, and the expectations of the Disciplemaking and disciple as well as the first book in the Basic Discipleship series.

Step 3: Begin!

Level 2: Intermediate Discipleship

This level is for the believer who is consistently walking with the Lord and has completed all 5 books of Basic Discipleship, but wants to go deeper. It is also for those who are embarking on specified areas of interest or study such as certain books or doctrines.

Level 3: Advanced Discipleship

This level contains materials for the advanced student such as Systematic Theology, advanced book studies, leadership and mentor training, teaching, preaching, and advanced Bible Study techniques. These courses will greatly benefit those desiring to be leaders, mentors, or be active in ministry.

The Scope

Personal Discipleship

The first thing every new believer needs after beginning to follow Jesus, is to systematically grow in Christ through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and scripture memory. It is the responsibility of each believer to seek and learn of Jesus for the rest of our lives on earth. The materials provided here are only tools to supplement a drive, born of the Holy Spirit, to know and be conformed into the image of Jesus Christ. The materials offered are great for:

  • New believers

  • Seeking non-believers

  • Refreshers for any believer

  • Stagnant believers

  • Un-discipled believers

Family Discipleship

These principles and strategies are also easily used in the home to help disciple our children and families. Our vision is for every family to have a regular time of some sort where the things of God are intentionally discussed and taught. As families engage in the basic and advanced courses together, the church as a whole grows stronger and more reflective of the image of Jesus.

The Crucible's Fire provides discipleship materials and training for individuals and the local church. This site is currently under construction as materials become available. Also, you may purchase the book The Crucible's Fire by Matt Parker on Amazon.com. This is the story of God's faithfulness through the trials and joys of having a special needs child. It is our desire and mission to encourage the church to persevere in their faith while training and equipping them for the making of disciples.

and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.
— 2 Timothy 2:2