Coming this fall

God is Faithful

After having several children, parents often feel well-equipped to take on the challenges of another child. When Matt and Tammy Parker decided to add a child to their family, they had little idea of the blessings and struggles God had in store for them. The Crucible's Fire paints a picture of God's steadfast love through trial as He holds one family in the loving and protective crucible of His faithfulness. Readers will learn:

  • The raw emotion of unexpected hardship

  • How to rely on God for strength

  • The beauty of God's faithfulness when it seems all hope is lost

  • How to trust in God throughout their own trials

  • The sanctification that comes only through the refining fire of trial

Strengthen your own trust in the refining faithfulness of God's crucible as you join this family on their sanctifying journey through the joy and pain of raising a special needs child.

All proceeds go directly to The Crucible’s Fire for the purpose of developing and providing discipleship material and encouragement for the brethren.

Learn. Teach. Repeat.

The Crucible's Fire provides discipleship materials, training, and encouragement for individuals and the local church. In over 24 years of ministry, we have seen a great need for one on one discipleship and encouragement in the local church. We are here to help! Follow our blog for inspirational stories about discipleship, Bible studies, raising special needs children, fostering, and adoption. See our Resources page for free discipleship materials or check out our Small Group training system, FOUNDATIONS. You can also contact us for speaking engagements or help with training and implementing a comprehensive discipleship program in your church.