"I Love You, Daddy"

Four little words I never thought I’d hear from my daughter. However, this memory rolled up on my Facebook feed today and reminded me, God can do anything …

So, tonight we put Brynna to bed, it was uneventful. You know, only 4 meds tonight instead of 5; no shot today. Even on simple nights I'm sometimes reminded, and saddened a little, that normal for us is "how many meds tonight?". But times like this make that a short-lived thought ... you see, when we brought her home they said she would never love, know love, show love, let alone speak love.

I've been trying for 10 years to get her say Daddy to no avail. It just isn't in the cards, I would think. Well, when we put her down tonight and the last medicine was in her G-Tube, water flush given and covers thrown up, I stood up and said, "I love you!" She looked up and signed, " I Love you Daddy".

I almost lost it. I think we scared her because Tammy and I screamed and clapped and praised her ... her eyes got big for a second as she hid her face, a bit embarrassed. Here's the other part ... she's been signing I Love you ... and SAYING Momma for a bit now. Tonight, she did both ...

If you've ever had a child that was non-verbal you know what a big deal this was to us tonight. Once again, I can't believe how amazing God is ... He has blessed us with a window into his mercy through this little angel. And once again, to the doctors who sent her home to die .... she wants you to know she loves her momma and daddy, she said so herself!

God may not have healed her, but He has healed a great deal in me through her. Love that kid.