MiniMatt: The Bond of Peace


This is a post I made on Facebook with some minor tweaks, so if you have seen it already, I apologize. Jesus is our source of unity, not our likes and dislikes, not even our passions. Not fostering.  Not adoption.  Not our location.  Not our income.  Not our hobbies.  Not our job.  It is Him. Period. While some of these things may draw us together practically, they can never be the thing that defines us in Him.  He told us to be known as His disciples by our love one for another.  That comes out of making HIM our central thing.

If we allow the church to continue to be divided along lines that Jesus died to erase, then we have failed Him and stand in need of repentance. It is time for pastors to say no, that isn't what Jesus died for. He died to save souls, not for our felt needs. The day may likely be coming when we will desperately need one another to stand firm. God help us when that day comes for we will find our fellowship broken over earthly things. Some would say I long for an unattainable utopia, but I say I long for more than what we have. I long for the life of the church to be what He called it to be. He did not call us to unattainable dreams and whimsy, but to achievable and obedient unity. This kind of unity takes courage and deep love. May they both be summoned.